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Attic Restoration Process Steps with Tyson Energy Solutions

Your attic should be clean, dry, well-ventilated, free of pests, and insulated. If your attic has been damaged by pest infestations, then the damage done to it can be unsightly. While most of the animals that may get into your home are small, the damage they inflict on your property can be very costly. This is why our Tyson Energy Solutions professionals are here to help. Once the pests are gone, we will help you restore your attic back to its original space. We are the #1 attic restoration service in Fresno and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment today.

Don't let your attic underperform

Why is attic restoration important?

Attic Restoration Before & After

If your attic doesn't meet your standards or expectations, then having it restored may be what you need. A professional attic restoration by our Tyson Energy Solutions professionals will make your attic into the space you have longed for. Along with having a nicely restored space, you will also see the many other benefits of having your attic professionally restored.

There are many benefits to having an attic restoration. The attic space is often the most neglected part of a home. However, the condition of the attic affects the house as a whole.

Not just the energy and comfort but also air quality and the health of the home. Air leakage is a major factor in air quality, comfort, and health of the home. As the house is always under positive and negative pressure, there's air movement from the house to the attic and from the attic to the house. When the air from the house escapes into the, you lose the air you're paying to condition. When the air is being pulled from the attic into the home, it brings poor air quality along with dust from the attic and insulation. This is especially a problem if the attic is infested with rodents. This creates unhealthy air in the living space.

After extracting all of the insulation, we're able to seal up any top plates, wire penetrations, plumbing, lighting penetrations, etc. This creates a complete air barrier from the attic to the living space making your home healthier, comfortable, and more efficient.

Don't let your attic underperform in your home. Give our professionals a call today to schedule an appointment.

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Why do I need a professional for my attic restoration?

Before Attic Restoration

It may be an overlooked area of your home but making sure it continues to be a functioning part of your home is important. With the help of our Tyson Energy Solutions professionals, your attic space can be restored to its perfect state. Having a professional help restore your attic doesn't just save you the time of having to do it yourself but has many other advantages that will put your mind at ease.

  • Professionals know how to properly dispose of waste and effectively sanitize the attic space without risking exposure.
  • A professional company already owns the necessary equipment for attic restoration. The equipment is more advanced and more effective than average household cleaning products.
  • Professional companies use safety procedures to ensure the safety of their employees and those within the home that may not be known to you. They have expertise in how to handle and dispose of biohazards safely.
  • An animal living in your attic can do significant damage in as little as a week. A professional will know what structural damage has actually been done, and what steps need to be taken to repair it. For example, if the insulation needs to be replaced, a professional will know exactly how much needs to be replaced and what can be restored.

We are here when you need us. Give our professionals a call today to schedule an appointment for your attic restoration.

Make your attic functional again

Don't let the pests infest

One of our contractors with a racoon

Because your attic is a dark, hot, and humid place, rodents and other small animals are tempted to make a sanctuary out of your attic space. Rats, bats, raccoons, mice, and even squirrels can turn your attic into a disgusting site. However, once these pests are infiltrated, you may be left with dead animals, feces, and urine to clean up as well as any other damage that was done in your attic. Fortunately, with the help of our Tyson Energy Solutions professionals, your attic will be restored, and the disgusting site of animal feces and urine will be removed. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your attic restoration.

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