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There’s a summer heatwave, and you’re suffering from intense heat. What do you do? You turn on your air conditioner to cool your home. But there’s one place in your home where your air conditioner is not cooling down: your attic space. A home’s roof is the first line of defense that keeps the blistering sun from beating down on your home. But below the roof, there’s the attic. Let’s face it, the attic is always the last thing on your mind when cooling your home during the summer. Did you know that your attic gets about 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside temperature? We have the solution to prevent your attic from storing all that heat.

Having an attic fan helps your air conditioning unit work much more effectively to cool your home's thermal mass. Now, if you have a whole house fan installed in your home, both an attic fan and a whole house fan can save you incredible amounts of money. This is a complete home cooling solution that operates 24/7.

Electric Gable Fan

Cool your whole home using an electric gable fan.

Give your ventilation system a breeze

How does an attic fan work?

Attic fans create a ventilation breeze within the attic space by exhausting air out of the attic through a gable, dormer, or roof mount location and drawing outside air into the attic. This ventilation breeze will regulate the attic heat from becoming oven-like, where stagnate air sits and bakes, reaching upwards of 150 degrees. Avoid extreme attic heat. Reduce heat transfer into the thermal mass of the living space. Instead, exhaust it out with an attic fan to dramatically reduce the heat load that your A/C is constantly battling inside your attic.

Improve the temperature of your home

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You can count on Tyson Energy Solutions for your attic fan installation.

Get your attic fan advantages

While it may seem like an attic fan will be a big waste of time, there are many reasons why having this new addition will help improve the temperature of your home.

We offer Roof Mount Electric attic fans.

Benefits of attic fans

  • Decrease your utility bills. Having an attic fan means your AC system doesn’t have to work so hard to keep your home cool. The fan will also work amazingly well because it will only turn on when the basement gets hot.
  • Prevent moisture. If you have been worried about your attic having too much moisture, you can get rid of the worry with a professionally installed attic fan. An attic fan will prevent moisture from taking over as well as prevent pest infestations and wood rot.
  • Increase energy efficiency. During the summer months, your attic can reach 150 degrees or hotter. An attic fan will help draw cool air into the attic and regulate the temperature within the home.

Don’t let your attic overheat. Give our Tyson Energy Solutions professionals a call today to schedule an appointment for your attic fan installation.

Don’t let your home get too hot

One of our experts installing an attic fan

Our experienced contractors will seamlessly install your attic fan.

How do I know when I need an attic fan?

As you suffer through a summer heat wave, you may not give much thought to your attic. However, with heat reaching up to 150 degrees in your attic during the hottest days, there are ways of knowing when it is time to have an attic fan installed.

  1. Rising energy bills. If your energy bills are continuing to rise even though you haven’t changed the amount of usage of your utilities, it is likely heat is escaping from your attic and a sign that you need an attic fan. An attic fan will help reduce the heat leaving your home and help lower your energy bills.
  2. Your attic smells musty. A musty smell in your attic could be because of mold or mildew. This also means that there may be too much moisture in the air. Without an attic fan, the air in your attic can go from being moist to wet, which can lead to mold or mildew.
  3. Water stains on the ceiling. Water stains on the ceiling are a sign that your attic isn’t properly ventilated. Stains can happen when the moisture from the attic leaks through the ceiling and into your home. While many may think that a stained ceiling may be caused by the roof, it is also likely that your ceiling may be stained because of the ventilation in the attic. A stained ceiling could also mean that it is time to have an attic fan installed.

Allow our professionals to install your attic fan and remove the worry of your attic being too hot or full of moisture. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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