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attic restoration

attic restoration

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attic restoration attic restoration

Attic restoration at its finest! We removed old insulation, sealed the area, and installed new R-38 fiberglass insulation. Experience a refreshed, energy-efficient attic space like never before.

Attic Insulation Upgrade In Fresno CA

Attic Insulation Upgrade In Fresno CA

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Attic Insulation Upgrade In Fresno CA Attic Insulation Upgrade In Fresno CA

This customer had 6 inches of insulation in the attic. We increased it to 14 inches. 

Insulation upgrade/ Duct replacement

Insulation upgrade/ Duct replacement

Before After
Insulation upgrade/ Duct replacement Insulation upgrade/ Duct replacement

In this project, we tackled both duct replacements and insulation upgrades. Enjoy improved airflow and enhanced energy efficiency with our comprehensive solutions

Effective Insulation & Whole-House Fans in Fresno, CA

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Reliable insulation contractor serving Fresno

Tyson Energy Solutions is Fresno, CA’s go-to home insulation expert, offering a wide array of services to increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. In business since 2015, our mission is to improve homeowners’ lives by increasing the health and comfort of their homes while reducing their energy costs.

Trusted products & services by Tyson Energy Solutions:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Attic Fans
  • Radiant Barriers
  • Whole House Fans
  • Duct Cleaning
  • And more!

Are you looking to regulate temperatures in your Fresno home? Contact Tyson Energy Solutions today at 1-833-657-5828 or click below to schedule a free insulation estimate in Fresno, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Effective attic insulation upgrades in Fresno

Whether you’re looking to build an energy-efficient and comfortable home or want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, new insulation can help decrease energy bills. Luckily, we offer cellulose insulation, experienced installers, and safe, seamless installation.

Common attic insulation problems:

  • High heating and cooling costs
  • Uncomfortable rooms
  • Drafty rooms and uneven temperatures
  • Visibly inadequate insulation

If you’re dealing with any of the above problems, chances are you could benefit from our expert insulation services. Give us a call at 1-833-657-5828 or fill out our online form to schedule a free insulation estimate in and around Fresno.

Whole house fans to keep your home cool

It’s no surprise that we face extreme heat in Fresno. Even inside, it can be difficult to keep cool with the air conditioning running. Not only that, but air conditioning is so expensive since it works overtime even during the cool hours of the evening and morning. Fortunately, Tyson Energy Solutions offers whole house fans and attic fans to manage your home’s temperature and save you money.

Benefits of a whole house fan:

  • Keeps your home cool and comfortable
  • Better for the environment than other air systems
  • Removes stale air and replaces it with fresh air
  • Works quietly so you sleep peacefully

Improve your energy savings and your indoor air quality with house fans efficiently installed by Tyson Energy Solutions. Call us today!

Air duct cleaning specialist in Fresno

Your indoor air quality significantly impacts the comfort of your home. Poor indoor air quality can lead to increased allergies, asthma symptoms, and other problems. If you’ve noticed a small puff of dust when your HVAC system starts working or if you’ve noticed unpleasant odors without a source, Tyson Energy Solutions can help. We offer air duct cleaning using powerful, truck-mounted equipment to clear your air of dust, debris, allergens, pet dander, and grime.

Breathe easier in your home with the help of our professionals at Tyson Energy Solutions. Get in touch with us today at 1-833-657-5828 or complete the provided form to schedule a free air duct cleaning estimate! We proudly serve Fresno, CA, and areas nearby.

Job Stories From Fresno, CA
Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA

Herman contacted us when his wife's severe allergies forced them to vacate their home. Suspecting the old attic insulation as the culprit, they enlisted our expertise to assess the situation. Our inspection revealed contaminated and dirty insulation, with multiple leakage points allowing attic air and dust into the living space. Taking decisive action, we removed the compromised insulation, meticulously air-sealed the attic floor, and installed can light covers over all recessed lighting for insulation protection and enhanced air sealing. After sanitizing the attic, we upgraded the insulation to R38. With these comprehensive measures, Herman and his wife can now return home to enjoy a healthier indoor environment with cleaner air.

Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 1Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 2Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 3Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 4Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 5Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 6Attic Restoration in Fresno, CA - Photo 7
Attic Restoration

Travis reached out to us seeking a resolution for his high bills and the discomfort he was experiencing in his home. Upon inspection, we discovered that the attic had insulation that was over 52 years old and multiple air leak points connecting the attic to the rest of the house. Given that Travis had two toddlers living in the home, it was crucial to address the compromised indoor air quality caused by the air leakage, as well as the discomfort resulting from an imbalanced temperature throughout the house. 


To rectify these issues, we took the following steps: 


1. We removed all the old insulation to eliminate any potential health risks and improve energy efficiency.

2. We meticulously sealed all the leak points to prevent air from escaping or infiltrating the home, thereby improving both comfort and energy efficiency.

3. We thoroughly sanitized the attic space to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

4. We installed new insulation to enhance thermal efficiency and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house.

5. To further mitigate heat buildup in the attic, we installed a solar attic fan, providing additional protection and energy savings.


As a result of our comprehensive attic restoration, Travis and his two toddlers can now enjoy a significantly healthier and more comfortable home.


Attic Restoration - Photo 1Attic Restoration - Photo 2Attic Restoration - Photo 3Attic Restoration - Photo 4
Work Requests From Fresno, CA
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Older home with dated/insufficient insulation and sealing in attic space.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
I would like an estimate of what it would cost to install a whole house fan to help keep our house cooler.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Whole House Fan quote
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Currently I have a whole house fan that is about 25 years old. It stops working after a few minutes. Afraid it is overheating.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Need to see if my house can fit a house fan
Project Location: Fresno, CA
2 story home, heating/air conditioning isn't as efficient as we'd like. Hoping adding insulation in attic will help.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
I'm looking to insulate and install a whole house fan in my attic to alleviate some of pg&e's outrageous rates.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Summer is going to be hot. Curious about price on a whole house fan.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
We have an older house (1948) that is not well insulated. Wondering if additional attic insulation would help. Also wondering if wall insulation in a bedroom with three exterior walls would help.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Would like a quote on attic insulation.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
I am interested in getting an attic fan installed in my home. I would like to get a competitive quote please. Thank you for your help.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Want a quote for whole house fan and to see about attic fans too controlled by thermostats
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Want to get estimate for air duct cleaning.
Project Location: Fresno, CA
I am interested in an estimate for insulation, a whole house fan, and an attic fan. It is an extremely unique home in terms of shape, design, and layout, and professional expertise is needed to provide a solid estimate, please!
Project Location: Fresno, CA
Looking to update my attic insulation.
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